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June 3 & 4,  2017               LIMITS                             DOUBLE DIGITS         (Billy Bass)

Our last weekend before we pulled "Miss Intimidator".



MAY 26,27,28, 2017                            Memorial Day weekend                           ISF Vacation starts

It was a great Spring Season and we would like to take this moment to thank all of our great clients who took their time and money to fish with ISF.  There are a bunch of you who fish with us season after season and year after year thank you.  There were the new clients who fished with us this Spring for the first time and we thank you.  Once again we would like to thank all of you for coming out with ISF without your support there would be no ISF.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MAY 25, 2017                           LIMITS               (CREW LIMITS)             DOUBLE DIGITS              LAST SPRING TRIP OF THE YEAR

Eric Houk and dad Frank told us they have fished with allot of guides over the years.
This year at the 2017 Sacramento ISE they decided to give us a shot and brought along there ISF gear they had purchased along with putting down a deposit for their trip.  They informed us that by far it was there best ever fishing experience ever !


MAY 24, 2017                  LIMITS              (CREW LIMITS)             DOUBLE DIGITS

With their second Spring trip of the year and Russell making it this time after over sleeping for the first trip.  Marty and John once again do what they have always done with ISF get it done!!!!!!


MAY 23, 2017                 LIMITS     (CREW LIMITS)     DOUBLE DIGITS

Mike and Tolan always book with us at the Sacramento ISE show and always, yes always come out and put the boots to them.
They did it again, see you two for our 2017  Fall/winter season.


MAY 22, 2017                LIMITS         (CREW LIMITS)      DOUBLE DIGITS

After picking up our card at my brothers place New Romeo's Bait and Tackle Wesley Snyder and Joyce Lonero both of Sacramento decided to come out with us.  These two put the boots to them and got ISF back on track.  Thanks you two and we will see both of you for our Fall/Winter season November 13th.


May 21, 2017                   JUST COULDN’T LOCATE EM           (LIMIT STREAK BROKEN)

After booking with ISF  almost four years ago at the Sacramento ISE show.  The guys from Stockton Ca.  Phil, Mason, James and James finally made it out with us.  We just couldn’t locate the fish for these guys and we could only manage two keepers along with a bunch of Rats.  Sorry you guys waited so long for that kind of result.  See you guys at the 2018 ISE.

MAY 20, 2017                    LIMITS               (CREW LIMITS)               DOUBLE DIGITS

Ralph Colin and Jay Clark stopped by multiple times at our booth (3220C) at the 2017 Sacramento ISE show.  After allot of shopping around for a Striper guide service to book with they decide to book with ISF.  What do you guys think?  We look forward to fishing you guys again.  Thanks for a giving us a shot!


MAY 19, 2017                 LIMITS                         DOUBLE DIGITS

Welcome back Surge Electric company team building trip.  These guys always have a great time with ISF.  We will see you guys for our 2017 Fall/Winter season.


MAY 18, 2017              LIMITS                      (CREW LIMITS)              DOUBLE DIGITS

First time ISF clients Nelson and Jolene Vineyard of Vacaville Ca. decided to give us a shot. I hope you guys had a great time.


May 17, 2017           LIMITS            (CREW LIMITS)        DOUBLE DIGITS

Always a real fun trip with these three family members. Cindy wins again you two. There's always this fall for Ted and Lloyd to dethrone her.

May 16, 2017                   LIMITS            (CREW LIMITS)    DOUBLE DIGITS

Welcome back Tim, Ralph and Mike. Thanks again for coming out with ISF and we will see you guys in the Fall!!!!

May 15, 2017                  LIMITS                   DOUBLE DIGITS

Michael and Russell's last Spring trip with us. We will see you guys soon for our Fall/Winter season. Thanks you two!!!!

May, 13 2017          LIMITS                       DOUBLE DIGITS

Mike and Russ back on em again!  See you guys Monday.


May 11 & 12, 2017                 OFF FOR THE FULL MOON

ISF takes off the Full Moon cycles in the Springtime for our Stripers.      BOOM    BOOM

MAY 10, 2017                LIMITS      (CREW LIMITS)             DOUBLE DIGITS             ALL FISH CPR

ISF regulars Michael Noonan and Russ McCallum did it once again, we will see you guys on the 13th and 15th.



May 9, 2017                 LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)    DOUBLE DIGITS

ISF regular Jody Way of Ione Ca. brought along cousin Ryan after wife Cheryl fell sick day of.  Sorry Cheryl, congrats Ryan.

May 8, 2017               LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)          DOUBLE DIGITS

The Pilkington family of Gary, Leslie and son Michael have been a staple at the Sacramento ISE show and have been wanting to fish with ISF for years.  Well they pulled the trigger at this year's 2017 ISE show.  Well? We think we will just let the pictures stand for themselves.



May 7, 2017             LIMITS                                 DOUBLE DIGITS

Brandon and Darci Peck of Magalia Ca. came down for Darci's Birthday. It means allot to us that you two spent it with ISF. Your ISF Hoodies will be on their way!!!!!!

May, 6, 2017             LIMITS                          DOUBLE DIGITS

Drive Line services crew # 2 for their yearly trip with ISF although they didn't beat crew # 1 this year there is always next year.
As Rodney would say FU%# YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May, 5 2017               LIMITS                                  DOUBLE  DIGITS

The Aquamatic Fire Protection Inc. Folk's (Not pictured) they couldn’t resist the Korth's café. The team building day was a success.


May 4, 2017            LIMITS        (CREW LIMITS)                DOUBLE DIGITS

The crew of Albert Rossini, Giuseppe Rossini along with John Peccchenino came out to fish with us yet again.
They got it done…………………………………..They said no pictures would be necessary.

May, 3 2017             LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                           DOUBLE DIGITS

New ISF regulars Paul Bolnik and Gilbert Khachadourian of El Macero Ca. brought along Gilbert’s daughter Kasania for yet another great trip with us.  Great job you guys.



May 2, 2017              LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                DOUBLE DIGITS

 Well look who was out again with ISF the Bledsaw's of Tracy Ca. Dan and Malinda.  We will just let the pictures tell the story.



MAY 1, 2017                       TRIP CANCELED DUE TO WIND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

APRIL 30, 2017                     DOUBLE DIGITS

Our Limit streak was broken, but the Annual  Mizuno trip with ISF was yet another great success.  It's all about time on the water with family and friends and to have three generations of Mizuno's on board all at the same time, awesome.  See you all again next year!!!!!

April 29, 2017          LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)     DOUBLE DIGITS

Longtime friends Eric and Teresa Alicia wanted to join ISF for a family trip with Eric's parents Joe & Ruth.  We Love doing family trips.


APRIL 28. 2017                 WIND      TRIP CANCELED     WIND

And this is why.


APRIL 27, 2017                     LIMITS    DOUBLE DIGITS

Mr. Nelsen Money of Grass Valley brought out some of his clients to fish with us once again.  This is his third season fishing with us and we always look forward to having he and his clients aboard.  Nelsen and the guys Steve, Mike and Larry helped us look good today.  Thank you!

APRIL 26, 2017             LIMITS                 (CREW LIMITS)            DOUBLE DIGITS           GIRLS RULE

The wives left the husbands at home and just put the boots to them.......Heels.  Great job ladies Susan Pecchenino, Jacqueline Beck and Joan Rosime.  And we will see your husbands next week and see you all again next year!!!


April 25,     2017                 LIMITS               (CREW LIMITS)

Gary Hatlich kicked off his new retirement life along with Janice Lio both of Madera, Ca. They plan on doing a lot of fishing in the future.  We are glad we could get them started.

APRIL 24, 2017             TRIP CANCELED WIND

April, 23 2017                       LIMITS    DOUBLE DIGITS

We will just let the pictures do all the talking.  Thank you to Keith, Cindy, Kulton and Richard GIRLS RULE!!!!!



APRIL 22, 2017                LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)     DOUBLE DIGITS

Welcome back to Jim Scoggin and his employees of Drive Line Services Walter ,Robert, Armando and Joseph.  We missed having you and your crew out in 2016,  but they came back and really got it done.  We will see the rest of your guys in a couple weeks.



APRIL 21, 2017                 LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)     DOUBLE DIGITS

Robert Gragg of Stockton Ca. and Ed Jorgenson of Lodi Ca. brought along Dennis Frame and just put a smack down on the fish.
On the last stop of the day they got two Quad's a triple and three doubles for a total of 17 keepers in one spot.  Epic last stop.
Thanks again you guys.



APRIL 20, 2017                    LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)       DOUBLE DIGITS

Talk about a ISF regular Michael Noonan of Cold Springs Ca. has been with ISF since its earliest beginnings.  He probably books close to ten dates a year with us and for the we are truly humbled.  Craig Lemus and father Mel have joined Michael on many of these trips over the years.  THANK YOU GUYS!


APRIL 19, 2017                 LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)   DOUBLE DIGITS

John Mc Queen and Timey Bitner and son Justin from San Jose Ca. where looking for a guide service a little closer to home and found us at this year's Sacramento ISE show.  They said they would give us a shot and see if this could maybe turn into annual trip with ISF.  Mission accomplished and we will see you guys again next April 19, 2018.  Thanks for giving us a shot!!!

April 18, 2017       STREAK BROKEN            DOUBLE  DIGITS.......................Lots of Rat's

Longtime client John Gould of Browns Valley Ca. brought out both his brothers David and Bruce from San Diego Ca.
They caught a ton of fish but the "Devil" fish eluded us all day.  Thanks again you guys!

APRIL 17, 2017                   LIMITS (CREW LIMITS)                  DOUBLE DIGITS

ISF regulars Marty Powell of Winters Ca. and John Cole also of Winters do what they always have done with ISF…..Put fish in the boat  (No pictures necessary) for these two.  Sorry you over slept Russell. 

April 16, 2017                      DAY OFF              EASTER

Happy Easter from Capt. Mike and Britney.

April 15, 2017              LIMITS     DOUBLE DIGITS

Michael Burke and LaCharles both of Elk Grove Ca.

April 14, 2017                 LIMITS  (CREW LIMITS)   DOUBLE DIGITS

Rick Weston of Elk Grove and Larry Davis of Woodland came out and a had a great day catching Stripers both Trolling and "Live Bait" .

April, 11,12,13, 2017

Scheduled days off for the full moon that the Stripers would have spawned on. Due to cooler water temps they didn't.

April 10, 2017                             LIMITS             DOUBLE DIGITS

Welcome back retired fishing guide Bill Goolsby and his crew Berry, Jack and Myron for Bill's  70th Birthday party trip and there third in a row with ISF.  We are humbled and very grateful that he would want to spend his Birthday's with us.  It's also "Deck Boss" Todd's Birthday as well and we kickoff the morning with singing happy Birthday to them both......
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!!!!!



April 9, 2017                          LIMITS              (CREW LIITS)   DOUBLE DIGITS

What a great group of guys. John, Vince from Novato and Dominic from Vacaville.  It was there first time with us, but sounds like not there last.  Thanks again you guys.

April 7 & 8, 2017

Trips canceled due to weather.

April 6, 2017                      LIMITS                 (CREW LIMITS)            DOUBLEB DIGITS

Whitey and the boys were back with ISF and just put a beat down on the Stripers!!!!!  These guys make Skeet Reese hook sets look like slow motion compared to these dudes.  They just get it done, swing away boys.


April 5, 2017                      LIMITS                  (CREW LIMITS)                             DOUBLE DIGITS

Mark Sheehy of Sacramento has been a ISF client since day one and this makes ten years fishing with us. He brought out a great guy Ben Bennefield  and had a great time. No pictures for these two, just bags of filets to go.  THANK YOU                     

April 4, 2017    

Deon Stein brought out his buddies Terry and Kevin or what should have been continued great action.  We just didn’t produce for them, all we could manage was three keepers and a bunch of “Rats” (shakers). We are very sorry you guys.

April 3, 2017                           LIMITS            DOUBLE DIGITS                WIND              WIND

Not even Wind could keep these group of guys from making ISF look good.  We had to go to the troll with our P-Line Predators to get em.......But they got em!  Thanks you guys.


APRIL 2, 2017                    LIMITS           (CREW LIMITS)   DOUBLE DIGITS

Now this family has always gotten it done with ISF and this trip would be no different. Little Man Anderson Ferro has grown up with us and has really turned into a great Stick and second mate to "Deck Boss" Todd in the back of the boat.  Thank you again you guys and we will see you all again for our Fall/Winter season.



Check out these great shots taken by a fellow Fly Fishing guide Maury Hatch of Hatch on a fly guide service.
He happened to be idling by us when Anderson Ferro was hooked up!!!!!


April 1, 2017                  LIMITS                (CREW LIMITS)   DOUBLE DIGITS

No April Fools for this group, things started a little slow to start there day but the afternoon bite was on Fire.

March 29, 2017                LIMITS        (CREW FISH)   DOBLE DIGITS

With a late scratch we gave two of ISF's regulars who were already on the books for their annual Spring trip in May a call to see if they wanted to jump in.  We explained what happened on the previous day and that the weather was going to be just fine.
Well they were glad we called and we were glad they answered. They just put the boots to them, and about their May trip......They keeping that date as well.  Thanks you two!



March 28, 2017                           WIND                  WIND                         WIND

Lynn Street and Hal Hillagmann have fished with us for years now always just the fellows and always back to back trips with ISF.
They decided to switch it up a little and brought the ladies out this year.  Well Mother Nature brought cold heavy winds on day one and it was a tuff bite for just three keepers and some Rats.  The trip really took the wind out of their sails and the decided to past on their second day with us.  So sorry you guys.

March 26, 2017                 LIMITS                (CREW LIMITS)    DOUBLE DGITS

This made Rand's 6th Birthday trip in a row with ISF along with Bill once again.  We look forward to doing it again next year!


March 25, 2017                   LIMITS            CREW LIMITS        DOUBLE DIGITS

Well our first trip of 2017  was kicked off with our regulars Rand George, LeRoy Gaines and Steve Freeman.  Always a great time when these three get together!


March 21, 2017

R&D trips complete - Kicking off our 2017 Spring Striper season Sunday March 26th.




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