Captain Mike Gravert

Professional Fishing Guide/Charter Captain

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DFG License #11136
Coast Guard License #1177720

Captain Mike Gravert of Intimidator Sportfishing has fished the waters of California for over 33 years.  His on the water experience, knowledge and understanding of fish behavior and the Delta’s ecosystem has made him one of the most successful charter captains on the water today.  Enjoyable and scenic, the delta holds exciting fishing action around every corner…and along the way you’ll learn how to successfully target the many species of game fish available in California’s Delta.

From his state of the art, high quality equipment to his smiling personality, Gravert’s “we’re gonna’ catch fish” attitude, insures that your day on the water will be one you remember forever.  A regular contributor to California Sportsmen radio show and regional publications, Gravert’s expertise is shared in seminars and outdoor shows throughout the west.

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