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Capt. Mike,

Many thanks for the SPECTACULAR day of catching 15 to 20 five to seven pound stripers last Monday.   That doesn’t count the ones we caught that were under five pounds.   Russ and I just don’t know how you and Todd find stripers on every trip, in this case, even in the wind.  You two have always found a way for us to catch numerous quality stripers.

We both enjoyed the new rods from Phenix and Daiwa WN300 reels you bought.   The fast action Phenix Feather rods were an absolute kick to catch any size striper with.  Those BIG stripers didn’t have a chance with those fast action rods.  Your clients reap the harvest of that investment.  Thanks!

Our thanks to both you and Todd for leaving us with so many memories.

See you two in a couple of weeks.

Mike & Russ  

Hi Capt. Mike,

Wanted to let you know Russ and I had a great time yesterday.   We don’t know how you and Todd do it trip after trip.   We know we are having fun when we loose track of how many keepers we have caught.   Two rods, three rods and even four rods being hit at the same time with quality stripers.  Another spectacular trip!  See you guys next Tuesday for another adventure on the Delta.

Many Thanks,

Mike & Russ

Nov. 17, 2017

Hey Captain Mike,

 Just wanted to thank you and Todd for a really enjoyable day. You two really make a fishing trip a memorable event and wanted to pass along my appreciation for your hospitality.

Thanks again

November 3, 2017 

Wonderful trip yesterday, myself and my crew really appreciate the hard work you and Todd put in to show us a good time,

Many thanks!!           

Bob Parks
Winters Ca,

Capt. Mike,

A brief note to say thanks for giving Mel, Craig and I such a GREAT day fishing.  We don’t know how you and Todd do it time after time.  You make it soooo easy to get friends to come out with you guys.  I sent a photo of Mel’s Mambo Jamba Striper out to everyone and they can’t wait for their trip.

There’s a time change (daylight savings) this weekend, what time would you like us to meet you this Tuesday?  Can’t wait!


Dec. 2, 2015

Capt. Mike,

Many thanks for the GREAT day on the delta.   Russ and I appreciated you taking us all the way to the “HOG PEN.”   We couldn’t believe how big and fat the stripers were.   Another day of double limits (plus).

I’ve added both you and Todd to my Fantacy Football Team.   You the man!

Looking forward to our next trip.


Oct. 8, 2015

Mike, thanks again for a great day yesterday.  I always really appreciate any time someone goes over the top for either my girls or my dad, and dad had a super day!  Flat pooped him out reeling in fish – what better way to gauge a day.  And Todd flat worked his ass off to accommodate dad in every way!  I will look to send you whoever I can and will see you guys again myself soon!  Thanks again.


Oct. 1, 2015

Capt. Mike,

Just a brief note to say many thanks for a great day  out on the delta.   Craig and I really enjoyed the trip and we are always amazed at how easily you find and put us on the stripers.   You and Todd are a great team and always make for a fun and exciting outing.  Four stripers on at the same time equals “total chaos and fun."   I think we lost count of stripers and large mouth bass caught when we got to about 40 plus.   WHAT A DAY!

Regards and see you soon.


March 1, 2015

Capt. Tony, Myself and our friend Jim booked a trip with Intimidator Sportfishing on the Moke for some Stripers. Capt. Mike and his Deck Boss Todd did not disappoint! These guys worked from sunrise to twilight to put us on limits and then the catch and release began. Nothing big 18"-23" (or as Todd said "18-23 tacos" ) but the action was almost nonstop. We drifted live bait  on light gear, it was a blast! I could have done better on the pics but we were to busy with the fish and staying hydrated . We may have found a Feb-March fishery that will help bridge the gap before Koke season.

Big Mike

Nov. 11, 2014

Capt. Mike,

Just a brief note to say thanks to both you and Todd for the best fishing day ever for my nephew and I.   We lost count at 35 or 40 stripers with at least 5 triple hook ups.   I had to stop at my neighbor's on the way home so she could slap the smile off my face.  You both out did yourselves and you make a great team.

Until next time,
Mike Noonan

Nov. 1, 2014

Omgoodness!!! We had so much fun fishing with you and Todd!! I'm the girl from Michigan who had never touched a fish!!! I love that our picture made the website! Thanks for an awesome day of fishing!!!!! You guys are great!!!

Kimberly Wallace

May 16, 2014

Hi Capt. Mike,

Just a note to say "THANKS" for another great day on the Delta.  We both had a great time and look forward to seeing you in the fall. We got side tracked yesterday and forgot to pay the parking fee.   I called today and spoke to Joe in an effort to get the address so I could send him the parking fees.   Making a short story long,  Joe really likes you and Todd working out of Pirates Lair.  He had nothing but GOOD things to say about the both of you.  He mentioned that he was going to do whatever it takes to make sure he has an open berth for you in the fall.  You guys are a hit with him too. See you  in the fall.

Mike Noonan

Sept. 18, 2013

Capt. Mike,
Martha and I just wanted to thank for a great trip Sunday. We appreciate the great company and fantastic fishing. We learned a lot from you as well. Hope to see you again in the near future. 

October 2, 2013 

Capt. Mike, We had a great fishing experience. Thanks for getting us hooked up. We hope we can remember half of what you taught us.
Intimidator Sport Fishing is the best professional guide service on the river....we were catching our target fish, salmon, within 2 minutes of reaching our destination and were busy hauling in these chrome beauties the whole trip. We will do it again.



Captain Mike, 

Thanks again for an amazing trip. We had an awesome experience and you were a wealth of knowledge. The four hookups were fun and landing two was even better. You are a great guide and I am glad you were able to take us out. All four of us will be recommending you to everyone we know who is interested in going out and catching fish. Your new boat is very comfortable and relaxing. My father-in-law is already asking me about a striper trip. I'm hoping to maybe be back in the spring for a striper trip. Thanks again for a memorable trip!


April 25, 2013

Had a great time with Capt Mike. My focus was to learn how to catch stripers and he didn't dissapoint. Great guy and so good with my 9 year old son. He was a wealth of knowledge and I was able to take what I learned to put my family on some fish on my own. We're now fishing buds for life! I highly recommend him. 

March , 27   2013

Hi Capt. Mike, Thanks again for a great day fishing for Stripers with my two boys. It was our first time fishing for them and you made it one of our most memorable adventures ever! Thanks for making Spring Break so awesome and we look forward to the next time on the New Boat!. We're Hooked!

Craig and the boyz

P.S. JD thinks your website ROCKS!

March 15, 2013

Capt. Mike,

Just a brief note to say thanks for a great day on the Delta chasing those stripers.  You out did yourself guiding us to 4 limits for the day. We had a ball.  We can't wait to go out with you again when your Rouge Jetworks 22' Coastal arrives.  We've been watching the boat's progress on your web site.  You're not only a good guy but a GREAT guide.

Mike Noonan & Craig Lemos


I saw your record striper on the USA Delta web site yesterday, 3/5/13, and again today. What a beautiful fish. My wife and I have attended your seminars at Romeo's and Fisherman's Warehouse and really enjoyed your presentation. I was impressed that you released the fish right away without getting weights, etc., it's good to see someone talk the talk and walk the walk.

Bill A.

Capt. Mike,

My brother and I have spoke to you a few times in that past and we have also attended some seminars.  Your information is invaluable (love the backstops) and we always appreciate you taking the time to answer our questions. We learned a thing or two and my nephew got the benefit, while Spooning a 2oz. Blade Runner Electric Chicken spoon 100% by himself. 

Myles Merin at age 9

Capt. Mike

I wish you and your family the most joyous of Holiday Season's, I can't thank you enough for making each adventure with you better than the last. I look forward to fishing with you again soon.
Again thank you for all you do, you're a fantastic guide, a great man and it's an honor to call you my friend.

Rand George

November 1, 2012

Capt. Mike,

I wanted to thank you for a great day fishing with Ray and you on the Delta. It was very memorable seeing some of the old haunts that I fished as a kid and was able to spend time with my Dad and old friends. I hope to spend more time in the future with new friends fishing these places. Thanks again and take care.

Stan Wong


Capt. Mike,

We booked the trip to learn about “salmon” fishing – and learn we did.  The amount of information you provided and your patience in explaining each item was phenomenal.  The 2 salmon we caught was just an added bonus to a great instructional day.  I will not hesitate to recommend your services.  Thank you again for your willingness to share your knowledge with us.

Rick Pixley

P.S. Please let me know when you start your “salmon/Stripper” trips on the Mokelumne River


Hey Mike,

Thanks again for being our guide today... learned a lot and had a good time out there, next time hopefully I'll be running off allot more sleep. I'll definitely be recommending people at the Chalet to you if they are interested in taking a guided salmon or striper trip.

Kevin Pixley


All was not lost from Wednesday's skunk, we went out yesterday and used your method, and caught a nice one. Thanks for the trip and class.  Let us know when you're drifting minnows... we'd like to book another trip for that.


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